Course offerings are intended to enhance the skill sets of manual practitioners. Some courses may be eligible for CE credits. See the events page for next course offerings. 


Hacking the History: a Fuctional Framework

Eight hour course that reviews history taking elements and offers tactics which aid the musculoskeletal & movement professional in patient work-up and treatment.

Clinical Palpation & Soft Tissue Assessment

12 hour course that strengthens practitioner palpation skills as they relate to diagnosis. How to write a high-level diagnosis and incorporate functional patterns & syndromes. 

Integrated Management Strategies

12 hour course featuring current literature to support patient care strategies. Management is focused on treatments for musculoskeletal pathology.  

Soft Tissue Techniques: a Collaboration

12 hour course demonstrating an array of manual and instrument assisted soft tissue techniques. Case vignettes explored as how to best choose therapies.