Outcomes & Real-Talk

After Dynamic Chiropractic published my article on outcomes and goal writing, it felt appropriate to put some of that energy into my personal page. Being upfront, I don’t intend on maintaining an actively growing blog and competing against those well established and versed fitness and health professionals of the world. My goal is to have a place to toss out some thoughts and perhaps work through a few clinical or education topics that interest me in the moment. And so here we are. The first, and likely shortest, post will get the ball rolling.

What to expect? First off, I’ll be offering content from some of my lectures here. I teach differential diagnosis of neuromusculoskeletal (<— hey, I didn’t name it!) conditions at the University of Bridgeport. Each week we cover a different region of the body and discuss assessment, diagnosis, and management. The students often add tremendous value to the lectures and thought it would be fun to upload some of those discussions.

Next, I’ll be tossing in the occasional work-out or exercise thought. My spin will be different cues I use to help my patients/clients be successful. Hopefully, a few readers will find some value in them.

Feel free to laugh if there isn’t anything else on the page… I won’t mind. If there is some decent content, please share and/or let me know your thoughts.

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